The following prices are provided only for the Harrison High School Graduation.  Photos are available in Luster (similar to semi-gloss, but more present) and Metallic (very glossy and rich) finishes.

Product Lustre Metallic
5x7 $10 $18
8x10 $18 $20
8x12 $20 $22
11x14 $25 $30
16x20 $50 $60

We also have a collection of household goodies with your photos on them!  Check them out in the shopping cart.  These include:

4x6 Postcards

Mouse Pads

5x7 or 8x10 Photo Panels

6 x 6 Ceramic Tile Mahogany Desk Organizers

Keepsake Boxes

11 or 15 oz Photo Mugs

Photo Coasters

Photo Luggage Tags

Photo Key Tags

Small Refrigerator Magnets

Large Refrigerator Magnets

Ceramic Tile Mosaics

Playing Cards

Photo Aprons

3 in. Round Buttons

4 in. Round Buttons

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